11 Benefits of Using Power BI for Your Business

Microsoft Power BI is a compelling analytics tool that allows you to visualize your data and attain actionable insights into your business in this data-centric world. With this powerful tool, you can generate interactive reports and share those reports with your colleagues without hassle. Do you know what makes Power BI popular in various business industries? Its flexible pricing option and sharing features.

In this article, we are going to discuss the key benefits of using Power BI for your business.

Key Benefits of Using Power BI for Your Business

Easy to Use

One of the primary benefits of using Microsoft Power BI is that it is quite easy to use. If you are thinking is Power BI easy to learn? Then, yes Power BI is easy to learn and use. This tool allows businesses to access useful insights without needing any specialized knowledge. Users can easily create reports from multiple data sources.

Allows You to Build Customized Dashboards and Interactive Reports with Ease

Known for its dashboards, Power BI can be personalized to fulfill the requirements of the company. Moreover, your team can easily create custom reports because of its easy drag-and-drop functionality.

In Power BI, you can use Canva to highlight data to showcase your business reports. Canva also allows you to pin information tiles to create a personalized dashboard based on the datasets. This can help users to adapt Power BI with ease.

Provides You with an Unparalleled Excel Integration

The majority of businesses rely on Excel for analytics and reporting. Power BI integrates with Excel. You can connect data models, queries, and reports to dashboards and create interactive visualizations.

Cost-Effective Tool

As compared to equivalent BI and analytics tools, Power BI is affordable for small to medium businesses. It also offers several versions so that you can pick the one that meets your business requirements. This powerful tool allows you to create reports and dashboards on your desktop. Leveraging Microsoft Power BI can lower the upfront cost. It doesn’t need any license. You just need to pay for monthly subscriptions. Lastly, using this effective business intelligence tool can help you save more money by performing the analysis internally.

Regular Monthly Updates

Another benefit of Microsoft Power BI is that it makes regular updates every month. So, users can always access advanced features to help make informed decisions for your business. Monthly updates may include the latest features and advanced functions. These updates are important to keep your organization ahead of your competitors in the market. The regular monthly updates of this tool make it highly powerful.

Accessible on All Types of Devices

Power Business Intelligence reports can be accessed on multiple devices i.e. laptops, personal computers, android phones, or iOS. Moreover, you can access this powerful tool in native apps on iOS, Windows, and Android. With Power BI mobile, you can access Power BI reports with ease.

Powerful UI

Microsoft Power BI comes with a powerful UI. This tool has a natural language interface and in-built visual templates to generate reports quickly. Users find it quite easy to use this BI tool doesn’t need advanced training and support. This smart business intelligence tool analyzes data effectively.

Don’t Need Specialized Technical Team

As an effective BI platform, Microsoft Power BI allows your team to create interactive reports without needing technical staff for assistance. This powerful tool supports a language interface, utilizes graphic designer tools, and provides simple drag-and-drop functionality to create dashboards.  

Enables Team Collaboration

Microsoft Power BI enables team collaboration as you can create reports within the Power BI workspace with ease. This BI analytics tool comes up with a ‘ Chat in Team’s button for reporting and allows you to create Power BI tabs within Microsoft Teams. It also allows you to share links to reports through Outlook.

Uses Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) Language

Microsoft Power BI uses data analysis expressions (DAX) language that offers additional functionalities similar to Excel, making reporting extremely powerful. It also allows you to make custom calculations and provide functions that work with relational data. These additional functions allow you to get useful information from your data. While evaluating a model for performance, can prove to be highly beneficial. Data Analysis Expressions (DAX) offers more than 250 functions including RELATED, CALCULATE, AVERAGE, etc. These handy functions are quite similar to Excel.

Uses Artificial Intelligence

Power BI offers access to AI services such as natural language processing, image recognition, and text analytics. This powerful tool also supports the machine learning model. Microsoft Power BI also supports integration with Azure Cognitive Services including key phrase integration, sentiment analysis, image tagging, and language detection.

Final Thoughts

Microsoft Power BI may be ideal for your business if you are searching for reporting capabilities. With Microsoft Power BI, you can analyze and visualize data within your business and gain actionable insights with ease. No doubt, this industry-leading business intelligence platform can help you make better decisions within your organization.

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