Automation Testing: Process and Quality Assurance

Automation testing is a type of software testing technique where the script written by the tester for software is tested with the help of automation tools. Automation testing permits the execution of repetitive tasks without the intervention of a manual tester. Automation has many benefits, especially in cloud computing. For instance, Oracle cloud is well-known for its cloud computing services. The automation of the Oracle Cloud automation tools has many benefits, including easy migration.

This blog post will discuss automation testing, its process, advantages, and quality assurance.

Process of Automation Testing

Test Tool Selection

Selecting the right tool for the automation process is one of the essential components of automating the software. That’s why defining the criteria for selecting a tool is essential to ease the process.

Define the Ambit of Automation

This step includes some essential points: the framework should support the automation script, a high return on investment, not many complex tests, and less maintenance.

Planning, Design, and Development

In this stage, particular libraries or frameworks are used to develop and design test cases.

Test Execution

Here, different types of techniques are used to test the software. Also, the final execution of the test case depends on the type of language.


As automation testing is primarily associated with the execution of repetitive tasks, the documentation of test cases will help in the future for the next iterations.

How Automation Testing Promotes Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance is a way to ensure the quality of software products. Quality assurance is concerned with the enhancement of the software development process. The main objective of quality assurance is to make software development effective and efficient as per the standards of quality defined for software products. Quality assurance is also known as QA testing.

The concept of quality assurance is of utmost importance in the Oracle Cloud automation tools.

The quality assurance methodology is an essential part of software testing. Furthermore, automation testing comes under software testing and the prospect of quality assurance increases. The PDCA cycle or Deming cycle is the methodology in quality assurance.


In order to deliver a high-quality product, the organization establishes and plans the testing process. Moreover, automation testing comprises tools that quicken the process of software testing.


Here, the actual development and testing of the process take place; if necessary and required, changes are also made.


To check whether the product is delivering the predetermined objectives. If not, then modification and monitoring of the process are done.


Implementing actions is done, which are necessary to attain the improvements in the process.

In short, quality assurance is one of the significant aspects of software testing to deliver the desired product as per the need of the customer. Also, quality audit, tool identification and selection, process definition, and training of quality standards and processes are the quality assurance activities.

Essential Things to Keep in Mind While Automating the Cloud

  • Choose the Oracle cloud automation tools that help to discover the legacy test immediately
  • Check out for a no-code interface that can empower the employee to build new tests
  • While choosing the platform that can support the scheduling of any test to run when and where you want

Advantages of Automation Testing

  • Simplification of test case execution
  • Improved reliability of tests
  • The better amount of test coverage
  • Less human error and human interaction
  • Saves money and time in the long term


Automation testing has numerous advantages. Automated software testing can enhance the ambit and depth of tests to improve software quality.

The attributes of software, such as scalability, functionality, reliability, etc., are critical for the success of software. The process of automation helps to maintain all the attributes of the software.

 Furthermore, due to the rise of the IT sector, billions of software applications are being developed, so automation testing plays a vital role in that. For instance, the Oracle Cloud automation tools require a good platform for automation. Opkey is one of the well-known platforms that are well known for automating tools.