Asana Pricing Plans vs Trello Pricing – Which One is the Financially Smart Choice?

For someone who is on the search for a project management application, the names Asana and Trello will be familiar. These are two platforms used for personal and professional work management. They are designed to promote collaboration between teams and partners. It is important that companies know the difference between the two popular solutions before they choose between them. This Asana pricing plans vs Trello pricing comparison is supposed to help demonstrate the differences in the features and approach offered by either product.

Trello is a Kanban tool which helps users visualize their tasks and progress in a concise and clear manner. Asana includes project management features that make it easier for larger teams to work together. To find out more about their features, we need to look at some important aspects.

Who is it Best Suited For?

Although Trello software has also been designed to be used by teams and it allows unlimited users on its free plan, it is mostly utilized by individuals. There are some limitations in the software which make it challenging for big teams because there is no option for assigning tasks. Users can only tag members on a task card so they can follow its updates. If a task card has only one member, then that can automatically be assumed as the assignment but then there is no way for the manager or executive to follow the progress.

Asana software has a task assignment feature which helps project managers monitor the progress of multiple items over multiple projects at the same time. They do not have to switch between windows and can receive notifications directly to their inbox. There is also a priority section which shows all the due tasks or upcoming activities on the home screen. The widget shows a summary of all the tasks from the current projects and creates a master list so they do not have to manually track their responsibilities or create to-do lists.

Which One Has a Better UI?

When it comes to comparing Asana pricing plans vs Trello pricing plans, then it is important to focus on the application interface too. Asana is more than just a Kanban board and it has all the additional features a professional company might need. The platform is, however, more rigid and it can lack the ease-of-use offered by Trello.

Trello uses the drag-and-drop action on its Kanban board so users can move tasks from one list to another. Each list is supposed to signify a particular status and shows the progress of the task. The tasks are represented by cards and they can easily be created, edited, or moved. Most users find it fun to drag and drop cards from one list to another. The main page shows all the workspaces, boards, and members but it is basic and lacks headings or labels.

Asana software is more organized and the home screen is neatly arranged into widgets. It provides a complete summary of the user’s tasks and arranges them according to priority level. Trello can be difficult to use in the calendar view because clicking on a task card opens a new tab which leads to the board instead of showing the task details. Both applications, however, provide multiple views for the paid versions but Asana has a more sophisticated and cleaner look.

Which One Has Better Templates?

Asana provides built-in templates that are customizable and useful in many situations. Each template gives users suggestions on the view they should select based on the project type. The software also combines the best automation workflows and compatible application integrations for whatever template is being chosen. They also have templates from their big brand users so the smaller companies or new businesses can replicate their methods for success.

Since we are comparing Asana pricing plans vs Trello pricing, it is important to discuss both software. Trello templates offer less utility and they all follow the same Kanban format because that is all there is to the software. Users can only customize the title of the pre-loaded cards and if they want to replace them then they have to delete each one manually. The templates create more work for the user instead of facilitating them.

Which One is Less Expensive?

Price should not be the only concern when choosing project management software but it is important to most businesses that are just starting out. It is always recommended to compare the features being offered at the cost so there is no confusion regarding the investment.

Asana offers a free version which is available to teams of up to 15 members and it offers all the basic features required by a freelancer. They gain more control over their initiatives and for larger groups it offers a game plan when they are running a complex project. The automation features are only available to paid users and the pricing starts at $10.99 per user for the annual billing plan but goes up to $13.49 for month-to-month payments.

In terms of Asana pricing plans vs Trello pricing, the number of tiers offered by both should be discussed. Asana offers a business plan which is best for large corporations dealing with multiple groups. The going rate for the monthly payment plan is $24.99 per user. Large teams can also get a customized quote or the enterprise version.

Trello software is free for an unlimited number of users but it only allows them to create 10 different workspaces and lacks access to email support. The paid plan starts at $10 per user for the annual billing option on the business class plan. It can increase to $12.50 for those who want to pay month-to-month. It also has an enterprise version for large teams and the pricing is available on request.


When it comes to Asana pricing plans vs Trello pricing, it is clear that Trello is a winner for individual users with basic requirements. However, larger teams that want reporting options too should consider Asana.

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