Solved: Amazon Prime Video Not Working On Roku – Best Fixes

Some Roku users have reported that the Amazon Prime video doesn’t work on Roku device.

For some, it happened after an update, while others experienced it out of the blue.

It’s really frustrating to experience this issue, especially when you already have plans for the day or evening.

It’s bad when you planned a stay-home date to watch Prime and Chill and this happens.

For some Amazon Fire TV devices are not compatible with Blu Ray or when connected to a smart TV.

The good news is, you can try some troubleshooting steps to fix the Amazon prime video not working on Roku error.

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Working Fixes for Amazon Prime Video Not Working On Roku

Fixing the Amazon Prime not working on Roku issue could take as little as restarting Roku.

This will remove any errors that can be responsible for this problem.

If that does not work, try the following.

Fix 1: Check for Updates

Make sure there are no updates available for the Roku software and Prime video app.

It’s best to install them as soon as possible, relaunch and make sure the issue persists.

For the Roku system, go to Settings from the home screen, then select System Update >> Check Now.

Roku player will update itself. For Prime Video, first, exit the prime video channel.

The next step is to navigate to and open the Roku channel store. Exit it.

Exit the main menu, then relaunch the main menu. This will launch the Prime Video app and make it ready to play.

Fix 2: Reinstall Prime Video on Roku

Uninstall the channel >> turn off Roku TV for a few minutes >> turn it back on, reinstall the channel, and check.

It’s that simple in writing. Or you can uninstall prime video, reinstall it, turn off the TV, unplug the TV from the power source, wait some minutes, plug it back in, and re-log into your prime video account

Restart your Roku, reinstall the Prime Video channel, and see if the issue goes away.

Fix 3: De-register and Re-register Your Roku Device

Some people said the easiest part of installing the app on their Roku device was registering it.

Several Roku users deregistered their devices after uninstalling and before reinstalling.

They removed prime video channel >> restarted Roku >> logged into their Amazon prime account using a different device >> went to device manager >> de-registered all Roku devices, then signed out.

You can now add the prime channel to Roku and enjoy all its benefits.

You will be asked to register your device. Your unique code will be emailed to you and you will have to use it to create a new Amazon account.

If you are logged in to Amazon at, you will need to log out and try again. You should also make sure that you are using the correct Prime Video app for your device.

Fix 4: Reset Roku Device

Navigate to Roku Settings
Select Advanced Settings
Click Advanced System Settings
Click Factory Reset
Enter the code that appears on-screen
Press the power button on Roku for 5 seconds to confirm the reset has taken place.

If not then move on to the next troubleshooting step for amazon prime video not working on Roku.

Fix 5: Disable Roku Screensaver

A Roku Ultra suggestion for those using the app is to try the following suggestion, too.

Go to Settings >> Theme >> Screensaver wait time >> Enable screensaver.

Please tell me if this works for you. It’s also possible that Amazon Prime Video stops working due to a poor or unstable internet connection.

Check that your connection is stable. If after trying all these steps, the issue persists, contact Roku or Amazon Prime’s customer support.