AI in Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over most of the tedious or repetitive tasks that would otherwise require human intervention. Thereby, allowing skilled workers to oversee some of the more important tasks. The education sector is seen as an excellent application of AI owing to the importance and challenges that the sector faces. AI is the future, which makes it imperative that the future generation is introduced to the system and its merits, allowing them to acknowledge its importance. AI is the solution to a lot of the challenges that the education sector faces such as time management, resource constraints, etc.

Applications of AI in education 

Grading Software

The increasing use of Artificial Intelligence in education has resulted in a rise in grading software available for schools to utilise. Such software integrates the marking scheme by collecting the important details from manually checked papers. This allows the system to replicate the marking method of teachers to ensure a consistent grading threshold. We can use it to grade assignments or assessments and come in handy, particularly when a teacher has a lot of burden with a greater number of students allowing the teacher to occupy themselves with more productive work. Teachers can use tools such as this grading service which allows teachers to mark their students’ mock exams using AI.

Automate Tasks

Teachers spend a majority of their time on non-teaching duties such as grading assignments and tests. Moreover, it limits their contribution in the learning process of their students. Artificial Intelligence can be a helping hand by automating a lot of the non-teaching tasks. In order to ensure that teachers spend maximum energy and time on building their students for the future. AI offers the ability to perform a lot of administrative tasks such as compiling progress reports and file the necessary paperwork. AI systems have proven to be effective whilst dealing with admission and enrolment processes. As it frees up individuals and resources allowing schools to invest them for the betterment of students.

Intelligent Tutoring

Schools are often the only place of education that a student is exposed to which restricts the learning time of students to the school duration. Intelligent tutoring powered by Artificial Intelligence allows access of personalized learning content all day long. Such programs cater for the metrics of grading and comprehension that the school adopts and ensure that engaging content is available for students to further their learning. This form of tutoring is based on audio and video content. Thereby ensuring that students achieve their academic milestones by increasing a student’s accessibility to the study material. AI also provides students with real-time feedback with regards to their performance such as this IELTS platform. It provides students with instant feedback on their IELTS preparation.

Universal Access

The standard of education in different parts of the world has been the subject of study and discussion for a long time. The disparity in the quality of education across the globe gives rise to concerns with regards to the entire education system. Artificial Intelligence has emerged as a feasible solution to bridge this gap by providing a platform for students, teachers, and institutions to engage and collaborate. AI empowers students by giving them access to lessons from the best tutors around the world with the capability to translate and filter content as per requirement.

Individualized Learning

Artificial Intelligence is a powerful tool which enables schools to tailor the academic content according to each student. It is not possible under the prevalent system due to the limited resources. AI takes the requirements of each student into account and moulds the learning process allowing the students to learn at their own pace. Further, this helps create an environment where every individual is fed information according to their needs. It helps the teachers in building a solid foundation for students to build their future on.


The ever-increasing challenges faced by the students and the education system requires the policy makers to invest time and resources into highlighting the gaps in the systems and the use of technology to build these gaps. Artificial Intelligence is an example of such a technology which enhances the learning experience of students by improving the system and relieving teachers from the burden of non-teaching duties allowing them to concentrate on the holistic development of their students.

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