7 Ways Video Marketing Can Help Your Company Grow

If you notice, you will see that the most popular businesses, all have one thing in common: they use video advertising exclusively in their business strategy. When you scroll through social media you will find numerous marketing for businesses.

The diversity of video marketing is its advantage. It allows you to promote new products, increase brand recognition, and even interact with your target market more personally.

The power of videos in the twenty-first century is hard to overestimate, and your competitors are profiting from it. Video is used by more than 87 percent of them as a marketing strategy.

History and statistics 

A video is no longer an option. It’s an essential component of a successful marketing strategy.

Video marketing is an old technique. Though it appears like born a few years back, the fact is that it dates back to the 1940s when the first video ad aired on a New York television station during a Yankees game.

Let’s fast travel 65 years to the birth of YouTube. Google bought YouTube for $1.65 billion in less than a year after recognizing the relevance of videos in marketing. So you see how effective it is for you to include videos in your marketing strategy. With the easy availability of video editing tools, you can create videos effectively and in a short time. 

Video marketing gives businesses a dynamic and appealing medium with significant sharing possibilities. 

Your target audience expects you to use videos since they have become an integral part of our daily lives. According to a finding, 68 percent of individuals would rather watch a video than read a text about innovative products.

Top video marketing benefits for businesses

Besides being ahead of the competitors and keeping up with the newest trends, adopting a video marketing plan may provide your business with the following huge advantages.

1. Higher conversions

According to WordStream, simply adding a video to a landing page may boost conversion rates by 80%. A video in an email, on the other hand, may increase the clickthrough rate by 200 percent to 300 percent.

Visitors to your website and social media platforms expect to see videos. They are quite likely to keep an eye on them whenever they do. In less than two minutes, short and engaging videos may drive a customer through the marketing funnel.

2. Video optimization improves SEO

Changing your video content marketing from normal to SEO-optimized is the simplest way to improve your online presence. Even the site to which you post your video can significantly impact who sees it. 

Make high-quality video subtitles. Your captions play a vital role in conveying a powerful message and a compelling call to action. 

For video promotion, styling your thumbnails goes a long way. Your thumbnail serves as a sales pitch for your video to a prospective consumer scrolling by. Take advantage of a good online video editor to process your videos that suit your business needs. 

If you’re going to post multiple movies on your web page, start with the most essential. Additionally, use SEO and PPC strategies to ensure that people see your link when searching for your brand or relevant key phrases. 

3. Videos grow trust and brand reputation 

Video marketing, like conventional copywriting, tries to grab your potential client’s emotions and imaginations. Video, unlike text, can contact people on a far more emotional level, making it ideal for video content marketing.

Adding candid images of your workforce is a great way to gain your audience’s trust. Even a scripted shot in your office might provide a sense of openness. You can gain more trust by giving your audience an “inside” look at your company. 

4. A smoother venture down the funnel

YouTube’s influence is difficult to underestimate. Your target market is likely to use the system to create purchasing decisions. Video product reviews are far more popular than textual product reviews since they provide an honest look at the product and a great chance to see how it appears and functions in real life.

Putting product videos on category pages on your website can also assist potential consumers in making a selection. Consumers like to view a product video four times more than they want to read about it. Meanwhile, if the product does not have a video explanation, 20% of customers may lose interest.

5. Higher ROI

As per a recent market survey, 89 percent of marketers believe video marketing offers a high return on investment. With the amount of money that each business invests in marketing, a greater return on investment may play a significant part in the decision-making process.

Considering all of the benefits and figures, your campaign’s ROI can skyrocket if you employ video marketing.

6.  Video brings value to marketing strategy 

The best thing about videos is that they can be easily integrated into an existing marketing strategy. Video advertising is a versatile medium that can enhance your present plan, widen the scope of your present approach, or do anything in between.

You may frequently transform your existing marketing technique, such as blog-based content, into video content. Imagine how much more substantial your product and service evaluations or informational content would be if delivered in a simple video format.

7. Video increases social presence

On a regular day, Facebook receives around 8 billion video views. This statistic alone shows the power of videos in marketing. People enjoy the content that looks and feels like the videos they view in their free time. 

Your organization might develop social media videos that exponentially boost the number of clients buying your items if you have the correct flair.


If you haven’t integrated video marketing into your business campaign, now is the time to do so. This strategy’s high return on investment can help you obtain excellent marketing outcomes.

You can get new consumers and the chance to create a viral video using social media. Maintaining client engagement on social media is critical to retaining their focus on your brand

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