5 Leading Mobile App Trends That Need to Be Considered This Year

As time is passing by mobile apps have seen unprecedented success, the tech world is evoked with mobile apps and the app market is expected to grow by US$420.7 billion in 2022. It shows a staggering growth but with this comes the chances of apps to fail. An app can fail to engage the audience and fall back at the store.

Now, the apps are bigger and faster. There are technologies like 5G and edge computing. The mobile market is also experiencing a shoot in metaverse and blockchain technology. With this competition iOS and Android apps are also developments related to AR and AI voice chats. The new technology sets are offering more value and boosting experience to the stakeholders.

For the apps to be relevant and following the latest trends in the market is key to success. whether a mobile app is developed for businesses or content creators who are looking to elevate their brands with mobile apps.

The app development world is induced with a hunch of app trends that can change many perspectives. Here are some of the trends being followed. A lot is changing and these trends can be implemented to flourish your mobile apps.

The Rising Trends in The App Development to Follow

Here are some mobile app development trends that can be followed.

1.      Apps For Foldable Devices

Foldable devices have grown over the last year apart from touch screens. Many popular mobile development companies have brought back foldable devices. Now, it comes to the app developers to do the job. The foldable devices expand upon opening and compresses on closing.

The apps should be made and adjusted to fix the foldable screens. The app should be seamless whenever a screen folds or unfolds. Foldable devices are going to be a prominent part of 2022. Therefore, the app developers need to work on it.

2.      Accelerated Mobile Pages (APM)

If you want to load a page faster, Google and Twitter have come up with AMP. They help in improving the time frame of the landing pages and load them faster using lesser data. Research conducted shows that AMP loads pages in less than a second.

The technology keeps the mobile-responsive higher on the search results. For mobile app development, I will make low-quality apps obsolete. Other apps like progressive apps and streaming apps can use AMP.

3.      Internet Of Things (IoT)

The internet of things has become more just than a trend, it has now become a market of billions. It has shown a broad range of development and a range of sectors. As much as there is demand for IoT gadgets, it opens chances for Android App Developers to make such apps. Thus, it is one of the significant mobile app trends to follow in 2022.


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4.      Wearable Apps

The wearable app marketing is maturing with time, and it is predicted to make 1.1 billion wearables in 2022. The development of wearable apps is a superb addition to mobile devices and these apps can also work on desktops.

 This year in 2022, people are able to download apps on their wrists, and more progress is expected to be made in this category. It has become a part of daily life. Some of the major names like Amazon and Google have fully adopted IoT. It is time for other brands to start using IoT to boost brand recognition

5.      5G Technology 

Looking at 5G is not something that is new, it has been here for a while. But with time becoming a highlight, many companies have started to incorporate 5G. For apps, 5G is faster than 4G, it offers higher resolution with less latency and one can enjoy faster performance.

If 5G is integrated with the app’s payments, transferring data can become easier. It also affects the overall performance of the app making it seamless to work.


 There are about 2.87 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store. Now, the apps can succeed as app development is changing constantly.

 All the app developers need to change their perspective and add the latest app trends. An app cannot have all the trends but they need to be placed on the right. 


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