5 Features Will Help You Make A Decision For Gym Software

If you are using software already for your health club or are new to the field, it’s a critical decision. The decision is to invest in technology with many benefits to your business. But choosing the wrong one can decrease your revenue rate real quick. This is why it is important to consider software after some research.

Fortunately, this article contains the help you need. But before looking forward let’s have a tour of why a gym even needs software and how it works out.

What Is Gym Management Software?

Gym management software makes daily tasks easier for the gym staff. Helps with booking and scheduling of appointments, and provides a reliable payment gateway. This software increases the capability to save time, work efficiently, meet the targets, and boost customer engagement in the gym.

Gym management software is specifically designed to enhance the working capacity of business operators. This allows them to manage memberships of the members of the gym. Also, keeping track of the activities of the gym members regarding their appointments, quality of service, payment methods, etc. The gym owner can handle each of these duties from a single platform.

Implement the use of the following features on your gym system before making a decision.

1.   Membership Management:

Managing the memberships of every member of the gym is a difficult task. It cannot be handled by a human brain and a pen and page. The proper management and up-dated information are what the gym owner wants. This is why they prefer using a gym software system with the least error rate.

This feature of the software system will involve attracting new members and renewing the memberships of old ones. That is the purpose of this feature and the bread and butter of the fitness business. The more clients convert to the members, the better.

This feature also allows the members to reach their history and bookings they placed with time stamps. Member’s history also contains their daily check-ins and the services they booked. Its accessibility is the main benefit it has. Using the mobile application of the software, a member can access and check their history from anywhere.

On the other hand, the manual and paper filling system doesn’t allow the feature of searching through all files at once. With the use of software, the member doesn’t need to wait for a response to the email they sent. They can find whatever they need to find out about services or staff on the application of the software.

2.   Streamlined Dashboard:

The software provides web applications and applications for smartphones. These applications have a dashboard giving you access to every corner of the software and every feature of the gym. Whenever a client or member enters the application, they will start their tour from the dashboard by default.

That dashboard is a user-friendly, well-arranged, and streamlined tool to help every individual in the gym. The dashboard is accessed by the clients for services like booking a service or paying for it. While the staff of the gym uses its features to generate financial statements of the revenue. Or to check the confirmation of a client’s booking.

3.   Sales Funnel:

The portion of the sales on the dashboard gives a wide view of the things it deals with. Such as lead generation, payments of classes, sessions, appointments, etc. This part of the software has detailed information on where the business is getting more leads. It also shows a detailed preview of how many leads are won and how many are lost along with their origins.

This information helps in improving the marketing in the areas with less enquiry generation. The software allows the staff to use the drag and drop method to arrange the sales in the sales funnel. It increases the efficiency to handle tasks and it prevents the system to get complex.

The sales department uses the templates of the software to make pop-up forms. These forms automatically pop up whenever someone opens your website. They help in increasing the leads for the gym. Automation can make it easy to send the information to the specified service department or staff. This increases the time for the staff to brainstorm new marketing strategies for the gym.

4.   Staff Management:

Use the software with the feature of optimized staff management. This software feature allows the staff to see their pending tasks, working hours all over the week, late check-ins, etc. This facility saves a lot of their time to search for their tasks for today. Using the software stay and owner can stay updated on the performance of the staff.

The growth of the gym business needs to have a friendly environment with productive communication between clients and staff. There are various ways to communicate with the clients for the staff in the software such as email, application, SMS, etc. Also, it is important to have a well-managed scheduler to avoid conflicts, which is easily possible with the software.

5.   Online Booking:

The software application allows the clients to book a service or class from anywhere at any time. This saves a lot of effort and time for the staff. Also, the capability to choose time as a trainer for yourself arises a sense of freedom for the clients.

Online booking saves the gym management from a lot of blunders that traditional methods used to make. The most common was double booking. Using the paper and pen gym management staff could sometimes book two clients under the same trainer. This was common in the rush of new clients.

But in the process of online booking when you confirm a booking no one else can edit that timeslot, not even the trainer. The same goes for the staff, if they have posted a class on the scheduler, they can’t put it down if they have even one booking of it.

Wrapping It Up:

If you need software with these features and many more, visit Wellyx. They have features that would increase the productivity of your gym business in days if used correctly.

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