3 Best Crypto Converters for USDT to BTC

Choosing the right place to covert your cryptocurrency is more important than you might think. The choice goes beyond just looking at which platform has the lowest fees. You need to take into account multiple factors we’ll look at in detail here. The USDT to BTC pair is the most popular trade on the cryptocurrency market. So, we’re going to tell you the three best places for making this crypto conversion. 

The Best Crypto Exchanges to Swap USDT to BTC

These three cryptocurrency exchanges are all on our list for different reasons. With these, you can make an anonymous crypto swap or trade with very low fees, depending on your needs. 


It’s important to have the ability to exchange crypto without giving up your identity information. After all, this is the core reason that blockchain technology was invented in the first place. Luckily, we now have excellent exchanges such as Godex that allow us to swap USDT to BTC completely anonymously. 

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With Godex, you simply open the website, choose to trade USDT/BTC, enter your receiving BTC wallet address, and make the trade. The whole process is complete in minutes without even opening an account. No ID checks, no exchange limits, and no transaction fees. Just a fixed exchange rate that will be fixed for you during your transaction. For a quick, anonymous swap, Godex is the best choice. 


With Stormgain, you will have to open an account. But, the main advantage of this exchange is its flexible fee structure. For USDT to BTC this commission is just 0.095%. So on a $1,000 trade, the fee will be less than $1. 

Stormgain also has a crypto-mining feature that allows you to profit from your holdings on the platform. Be careful though: as it is a custodial exchange, your coins are at risk if the platform collapses, as happened with Celcius Network. 


On Uniswap, it’s possible to trade in a non-custodial and anonymous way similar to Godex, which is a safety advantage. Uniswap has around 400 different cryptocurrencies you can trade, which is an advantage if you have a wide portfolio. Fees are reasonable, from 0.01% to 1% depending on the pair.

On this platform, you can also earn interest by participating in liquidity pools.

What to Expect From USDT and BTC in the Future?

Here are some price forecasts for USDT and BTC to predict if this is likely to be a profitable trade. 

USDT Price Forecast

USDT is a stablecoin pegged to the US Dollar. So, theoretically, it should maintain its value at exactly $1. However, this doesn’t always happen. For example, in 2017, USDT temporarily lost its peg and fell to $0.91. This may seem like a very small drop when compared to the >60% drop of BTC, but it’s the largest drop on record for USDT. 

Whether USDT can maintain its value at exactly $1 will depend on the trust in the Tether organization. This trust has been eroded lately with Tether refusing to have their company audited to prove they have sufficient reserves. 

BTC Price Forecast

Here are the top price forecasts for BTC until 2024:

2022 2023 2024
Priceprediction.net  $38,288 $54,570 $81,632
Digitalcoinprice.com  $26,440 $29,516 $29,148
Cryptopolitan.com  $39,821 $44,454 $48,436

As you can see, the price is forecasted to rise much faster over the next few years. However, there is also the risk of Bitcoin missing these forecasts and falling further. 

Time to Choose the Best Exchange

USDT is not projected to rise above $1 in the next few years. However, there is a risk that USDT could fall, if the Tether company cannot maintain investor faith that it has all of its tokens backed by good assets. Using the top crypto exchanges listed here, you can quickly, anonymously, and affordably swap USDT for BTC to profit from these forecasts. 

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