Puerto Galera is home to arguably the most pristine white sand beaches along the shores of Oriental Mindoro. Welcoming tourists—international and local alike—these beaches have a lot more to offer aside from picturesque sceneries, and experiencing them all will definitely complete your Puerto Galera experience. Here are three of the most breathtaking seaside areas of this town that you can visit this summer. Let others also know about these amazing beaches on Instagram and reach a bigger audience with the help of Mixx and their effective strategies.


  1. White Beach

The most famous and the most populated of the beaches in Puerto Galera. The sand on White Beach is, you guessed it right, immaculately white—just like powdered chalk on the blackboard in school. It’s made of really fine and loose coral sand, where your feet simply sink in with every step.


While walking along White Beach, you will be tempted to have unplanned food trips by the variety of restaurants and bars that line up on the shores. It has everything you’re craving for like fresh seafood, grilled meats, all-day breakfast meals, and every drink you could think of. Also, make sure to add to your food trip list the Filipino delicacy called bukayo, which is sold by vendors along the beach. A typical bukayo is made with strips of simmered coconut, mixed with nuts and sugar. The Mindoro version, however, is stored in dried banana stalks and smothered with honey, extending its shelf life after production. It is a delectable pasalubong for your family and friends.


  1. Muelle Beach

On the other side of Oriental Mindoro is Muelle Beach. This less crowded beach is the go-to place for those who love kiteboarding. You can also visit this area to watch the pros during kiteboarding exhibitions.


When I was in one of the gazebos in Muelle Beach, I met Olga, a Norwegian who heard about this place from her Russian friends—talk about word of mouth! As this beach is relatively calmer, it is the perfect place for chilling—Olga’s son was even taking a nap peacefully on a blanket they had laid on the sand. On the other side of the shore are even more tranquil waters. And with just the right stillness for paddleboarding and of course, kayaking!


  1. Balatero Beach

This one’s a boat ride away from the main shores, but don’t miss it, especially if you want to get mesmerized by the marine life that Puerto Galera is known for. From its shores, the local boatmen will take you to an area where you can snorkel your way to beautiful coral gardens and a giant clam. If you don’t have a lot of experience with diving (like me), you can opt to hang on to the ropes of a small boat while it drags you around the underwater world full of corals and colorful schools of fish. You can also try to feed the fish if you want. I had so much fun snorkeling, which became even more memorable when I got stung by a jellyfish! The boatmen said it was a little jellyfish called salabay that got me. It may be small, but its sting packs some serious punch.


In case of a jellyfish sting, the first thing you need to remember is to not panic and inform the boatmen immediately. You’ll be taken out of the water so they can take the stinger off your skin followed by pouring some acidic liquid (no, it’s not pee) over the affected area to prevent any further itching or irritation. The pain will subside in just a few minutes and it’ll feel like nothing happened.


No matter which among these beaches in Puerto Galera you choose to visit. And you can expect to see the natural beauty of white sand and glimmering waters that make them truly wonderful places to behold and experience. I hope you get to visit these beautiful beaches, especially now that it’s summer. Heck, I’d go back in a heartbeat anytime. And not even a nasty sting from a salabay could stop me.

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